De MH241T is een zeer robuuste printer van de industriële barcode label printers van TSC. Met de nieuwste features aan boord, kan deze printer de meest complexe operationele problemen aan.

The MH241 Series is TSC's mainstream industrial barcode label printer built upon the legacy of the MH240 Series. It brings new features to those looking for solutions to address evolving business challenges from growing production line demands to increasing operational complexities.

Sophisticated TSC Sense Care
The TSC TPH Care Mechanism offers an advanced level of auto-detection ensuring real-time printhead health status, to monitor and prevent down. In addition, the MH241/MH261 series support various media with pre-printed black mark on top or bottom sides by user’s selection in panel menu.

Dynamic Remote Printer Management
SOTI Connect and TSC Console provide enterprise remote printer management on multiple tasks to reduce maintenance costs and avoid downtime of business-critical devices.

The MH241/MH261 series offers GPIO to support common applicators and emulations along with an optional 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 4.2 combo module.

Highly Adaptable to Various Media
MH241 and MH261 printers can adapt to various media lengths and widths. With accurate printing positioning, the MH241 and MH241T are capable of peeling off minimum 0.5-inch labels in length. The MH261T supports media width up to 6.8-inches, and the MH261 supports up to 4.5-inches. Additionally, the mechanism for fine adjustment to avoid ribbon wrinkles and ensures label print quality.

Brilliant User Experience
The MH241T and MH241P can easily adjust media near end sensor to detect the media and remind users to change the media roll on color GUI display (Media near end). The MH241/MH261 series allow users to easily replace printhead and platen roller without the need for specific tools.

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